"Mascara Bridge"

About Us

My photography journey began while serving in the US Navy.  I am  a self taught photographer honing my skills with the help of mentors, coursework, workshops and evening classes.

I am  inspired by the world around me – people, landscape, architecture, the beauty of the lights from a cityscape, other artists and photographers' works and the night skies. My goal for each photograph I create is to invite the viewer into the photograph and pique their interest so they experience the same feeling I had when I captured the photograph.

Photography brings out the creative side in me - whether it is during a portrait session, photographing an event, capturing architecture, capturing a night scene or sky or a beautiful land or seascape.

I truly believe photographs should be hung on our walls for all to see.  Some of my most prized possessions are photographs of my family, most of which are 85 to 105 years old.  You never know the value of a photograph until it is all you have.   My role as a photographer is to help you create a visual record of those you love and create a legacy for those that follow.

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