Event Photography

Our goal for every event we photograph is to capture the emotion, essence, joy, fun and special moments that can be beautiful reminders of a very special day.

You can see in all of the galleries, we  look for those special moments both candid and posed so they can be remembered.  We enjoy the various types of events we have photographed because they give us an opportunity to interact with everyone in attendance.

Recent comments from those who have attended events that we photographed:

• "Gary captured the essence of the event and he did so making everyone feel at ease. His photographs were beautiful." Cassie D.

• "I have been to several events Gary photographed. I never knew he was there and he captured great photographs." Jason M.

Event photography has been a part of my portfolio since Altoonian Photography was founded in 2013.  Our goal is capturing people totally engaged or engrossed in whatever event is the essences of how we chronical and capture special moments at each event.

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